Welcome! This is a platform for collaborative development of board games. Please join if you are a designer, want to be a designer or are interested in helping out with testing, development and seeing behind the scenes how board games are designed and developed.

If you are a fan of Kickstarter but want to be more invloved, and earlier, than what is normal for a Kickstarter campaign, you have come to the right place.

Helping out here takes real effort, but you will be able to see your contributions make the published games better. Testing, proofreading, discussing are all normal parts of developing games in the industry, but they are normally not done openly. We are doing this differently because we want to make the process more open and collaborative, and also to make it more efficient than the normal mountain of emails passed around. Beginning game designers often have trouble finding playtesters, by participating in a community and helping out you can often get help yourself. If you want to participate and match any of these descriptions, please join us!

If you help out with comments, suggestions and feedback you can not claim any part of the total game is yours, but if you help out substantially you might be asked to be a co-designer. Collaborations are very common and often result in both better games and a higher chance it will be finished. If you do major contributions like a rules translation or illustrations, those cannot be used in published games without agreement from you. This may be paid, a thanks in the rulebook or a copy of the game, it depends on the size of the contribution and the publisher. As a designer you assign no rights to anyone by using the platform and it does not cost you anything.

This site is a tool and a community, it is meant to be used for different things than BoardGameGeek, Kickstarter and Board Game Designers Forum. It is especially not meant for promotion of finished games, but continued development (for example with rules), expansions, discussions about variations in illustrations and design are all great to use it for.

Other board game development sites that aim to do similar things: inventoridigiochi.it(Italian).

For publishers, or those who want to become publishers, I made a site listing manufacturers for board games. The site also has comments from publishers who worked with those manufacturers. More comments are very welcome! boardgamemanufacturers.info

GDPR information: When you register an account, you record personal information. You can delete that personal information at any time. No other personal information is recorded. Your personal information (your email address) is used to send emails to you regarding updates on the website, requests for password recovery, games you have signed up to get updates about, your own games etc. Your personal information is not shared or handed over to any other organization.

Rustan Håkansson